How It Works

Your Virtual Receptionists Will Go Live After A Few Simple Steps

First Register Your Information

Signup by inputting your information on our Get Started page or by clicking here. A dedicated specialist will get in touch to review your information and go over your specific needs.

We Answer Your Calls

After you are set up your personal Virtual Receptionists will start taking calls on your behalf. We will handle calls just as you would.

We Connect With Your Customers

 Our goal is to express your brand reputation by connecting with your customer they way you want us to. We do this with customizable scripts tailored for you.

We Take Action

After talking with your customer, we  will ensure the best action for a happy transaction. This includes live transfers, processing orders and many more.

Detail Call Disposition

Every call will be marked and reported so you understand exactly what happened. 

We Connect With Your Customers

You will receive a report on how well we handled your clients' needs at the conclusion of the billing period. Along with it, we'll give you a thorough breakdown of your usage, with billing . We don't round up, and we don't charge for cold calling or calls to the wrong number. Simple, huh?