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Let us make your life easier by handling your calls at a fraction of the cost. 

Meet your new Sidekick!

 Tired of handling all the calls yourself? Or maybe you can't financially justify a Full-time employee just to answer the phone.

Let us help you with your own personal receptionist. Faster answers lead to happier clients, and happier clients leads to return business.
  • Canadians helping Canadians

  • Personalization

  • Reduce unnecessary cost

  • Increase automation & ROI

  • ​Many more...

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Save Money

An office receptionist can cost you over $40,000 annually. However, we can provide you with the same quality and you just pay for the time you need.

Free up your schedule

Talk with real people

We grow with you

Do anything you like while we automate everything for you.

The robot - receptionist can quickly lead to the loss of a potential lead. Hence, we provide real receptionist that are native English speakers.

If your business grows, we will grow with you to ensure that you have all your needs satisfied.


Sidekickadmin helped coordinate meetings very efficiently and gave the client more time to focus on projects rather than admin work. The client was able to meet with customers without delay, allowing the internal team to complete projects within proposed timelines.

Alexa Young, BC

We specialize in:

Small Businesses
Law Firms
Construction Companies

Local Businesses

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